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Who are we ?

The association Alphabets (law 1901) was created in 1991 , at Expolangues exhibition in Paris. She broadcasts the story of the writing and the invention of the alphabet with two exhibitions 'The birth of the alphabets on the shores of the Mediterranean' for adults and 'Where does our alphabet come from?' for kids. We organize talks, conferences, seminars. Our publications are aimed at both children and adults, in particular two posters 'Mediterranean Alphabets' and 'The Alphabet Tree'.
We hope, through our educational activities, to contribute to a better understanding among peoples by illustrating the diversity of alphabetic scriptures and their common origin that goes back to Egypt.

The logo of the association summarizes the course of the letter A, as explained so well Ada Yardeni in his book Aventurelettres, from the original pictogram: the head of beef . The one that is there was found on the rock wall of Bir en-Naseb, in Sinai. It is a Canaanite engraving from the 18th century before Jesus Christ.

This is the book Aventurelettres that inspired us this shortcut of the history of the alphabet to make the logo of the association. But it is not only epigraphic. It represents, in the same space oval , the Mediterranean world where was born the alphabetical writing and the place of cohabitation of the men who write with alphabets having, in appearance, no connection between them. We have adopted this symbol to emphasize the search for origins, that which could lead to a better understanding between the heirs of a writing tool so simple and practical: the alphabet.